We are cloud builders

Cloud-native tech & data outsourcing platform

A new approach to tech work

Cloud Architecture

We audit your systems and define together the architectural layout of your cloud solution, providing you with a budget forecast


We split your project into multiple smaller tasks, defining the orchestration and workflow via international open source specifications

Elastic workforce

Our certified freelance cloud builders each take a task and work in parallel towards building your project, following the architectural specifications

Our guarantees

Delivery insurance

If one of our cloud builders fails to complete his task, we will find a new one and complete the project. You don't have to manage the relationship with freelance workers.

Verified cloud talents

Our freelance cloud builders are AWS certified and systematically undergo technical assessments relevant to the tasks they are applying for.

Risk mitigation

Our platform centrally manages your project and gives role-based permissions to each of our cloud builders relevant to the microservice they are building : none of them has a global view of your project.

Our Team

Louis Amon

Co-founder / CTO

Simon Bonnacié

Co-founder / COO

Our expertise


Database migration, Data Warehousing, Data Lake formation, Machine Learning, Self-service analytics... we cover data-related project that can be done on AWS

Software development

Python, NodeJS, Java, C#, Ruby... we deliver serverless software code orchestrated through APIs.


Need to set up and configure cloud services ?
We provide custom Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) configurations that set up and orchestrate your cloud services.

Interested ?

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