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What’s in the box ?

Nuage is a Cloud-native tech & data freelance outsourcing platform

We source and manage a distributed workforce of select freelancers that work for our clients remotely on a per-task basis.

No more hiring

No geographical limit

Tech work on demand everywhere


Velocity with Nuage

  1. Workshops, exchanges with teams on the project to be carried out

    1 - 3 weeks
  2. Skills control, profile, compatibility with the team verification...

    1 - 2 weeks
  3. We publish the offer on international freelancing platforms

    48 hours
  4. Verification of certifications and technical tests online, provision of work resources

    1 week

No upfront commitment

Pay as you go

You only pay for the tasks that are worked on

You don’t pay when you don’t need the worker anymore

Our Products

Nuage DataOps

Your custom Data Lake, hosted in the cloud

* Business data: relational database (ex: MySQL, Oracle...)

* Data tracking: navigation, IoT ...

* Other custom-made data flows: CRM, acquisition, support

* The establishment of a Data Lake is a true prerequisite for any Data Science project

Nuage Data Studio

Date Science on-demand

Development of algorithms specific to your business (ML, NLP, Graph, etc.)

Setting up Cloud sandbox for your Data Scientists

Putting your data solutions into production

Calculating your own KPIs (churn, cart abandonment...)

Custom-made dashboards of your metrics

Nuage Hybrid Cloud

Private / Hybrid cloud on-demand

Custom on-premise & cloud-ready architecture

Docker development on-demand

Talend jobs (ETL) on-demand

Crowdsourced labeling of texts or images

Multi-cloud management

Nuage CloudOps

Cloud Architecture

Definition of the need: support through technical workshops

Audit: installation of sensors and performance measurement of the existing system

Cloud/Data Architecture: creation of an innovative and scalable architecture

Capacity planning: assessment of technical costs in the cloud

Nuage Microservices

Nuage divides your project into micro-services

Nuage divides your project into micro-services

Then distributes each task to a freelancer according to his expertise

By parallelizing tasks, the time required to develop the project is divided by 30% to 50%

Nuage SecurityOps

Implementation of security & compliance best practices

Account configuration and permissions according to your organization's structure (Microsoft AD, Duo Security...)

Creation of a custom cloud SSO to manage your tools (Github, Jira, etc...)

Storage and sharing of encrypted passwords between accounts and teams

Continuous verification of compliance rules specific to your industry

Our Team

Louis Amon

Co-founder / CTO

Simon Bonnacié

Co-founder / COO

Olivier Dancot


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